Saturday, December 7, 2013

An Online Learning Platform LEJ launched to monetize integrated free online courses

LEJ Knowledge Hub
The Latif Ebrahim Jamal (LEJ) National Science info Centre at the University of Karachi intends integrated free online courses from massive e-learning platform like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, Stanford University, Open Yale online Courses offered by Yale and different higher education colleges free for everybody.

Latif Ebrahim Jamal National Science data Center (LEJNSIC) has been serving as a hub of data dissemination and focal center of the Virtual Education Project pakistan (VEPP) since 2008 and leads the state in transfer lectures and online courses delivered from thousands of miles away at one platform and combines them with a comprehensive system of mentoring and assessment.

Latif Ebrahim Jamal Online Courses

Dr Attaur Rehman, former of Higher Commission said at a online education conference that the Latif Ebrahim Jamal (LEJ) online learning programme’s vision was to produce an interface for researchers and supposed universities from around the world to collaborate, share and enhance their knowledge.

In answer Latif Ebrahim Jamal (LEJ) launched an online learning platform named "LEJ Knowledge Hubin pakistan and globally additionally. The aim of Knowledge Hub is to produce students an equivalent education in pakistan as those out there to students from e-learning prestigious universities everywhere the world that has the potential to alter the whole landscape of higher education in pakistan and developing world.

Online learning platform LEJ Knowledge Hub includes access to online courses, interactive and recorded courses, thousands of regular courses, talent development modules, research-based lectures, and online mentoring and assessment system through massive e-learning platform international resources. These learning materials are accessible through an online based mostly portal, for all levels and in numerous languages.

Free Online Courses Resources:

  • LEJ Courses and Lecture Series
  • MIT Opencourseware (founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) 
  • Udacity (Harvard)
  • Khan Academy (USA) 
  • Open Yale Courses (USA) 
  • Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE, US)
  • Virtual University (Pakistan)
  • HEC courses (Pakistan) 
  • ICCBS/other Universities (Pakistan) 
The online learning resources offered by leading academic institutions and universities across the world were, however, scattered throughout the online, necessitating the requirement for a complicated to rearrange the learning resources of concerning about 0.5 million lecture hours subject-wise and online mentoring sessions for school, college and university levels.

The massive e-learning platform from varied major world sources aims to confirm accessibility, structured mentoring, an assessment system, credit recognition and issuing of certificates and degrees where attainable.

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UAN: 111-222-292, Ext: 273-5

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