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D2L Los Rios - Distance Education at Los Rios d2l Community College District

d2l los rios

D2l Los Rios Distance Education (Online Learning)

Los Rios Community College has four accredited colleges inside its wings. Besides there are many off-campus academic centers serving the particular geographical areas. colleges inside its wings are American river college, Cosumnes river college, Folsom Lake college and Sacramento city college. Each college in Los Rios is offering courses distance education and each semester has substantial growth in those offerings. Los Rio community college students shown great interest in these courses, this attention ensuring that all distance education courses have the quality that is a hallmark of Los Rios.

About Los Rios:

Consequent upon the March 17, 1964 elections the Los Rios Community College District was founded in 1965. At that point it had 2 colleges with 10632 students underneath its extent. By 1970 it had 3 schools underneath its wing. The dramatic growth in distance education and Enrollment in campus increasing geometrically and it reached approx 88,000 by 2010. With its distinctive options D2l Los Rios becomes one of the nation's most respected learning platform and the second-largest community college district in California, US.

Distance Education at ARC D2L Los Rios:

arc d2l los rios

Distance Education is taught using the integrated learning platform Desire2Learn, this e-learning system known as D2L Los Rios. Taking an online courses and to be a successful student in an online education requires a high level of motivation and self-discipline. 

ARC Los Rios offers three types of online learning, ONLINE COURSES, HYBRID COURSES, WEB-ENHANCED COURSES.

Distance Education at CRC Los Rios D2L:

CRC Los Rios offers learning alternatives including online classes and interactive televised classes to the traditional classroom. The instructional televised classes brings students live, Distance Education classes broadcast from the faculty in Sacramento over Comcast Cable, SureWest Cable and AT&T Sacramento, and by live streaming the web.

Distance Education at FLC D2L Los Rios:

flc los rios, d2l los rios

FLC Los Rios offers a variety of distance education like Fully online classes, Hybrid classes mix of online and on-campus work and live interactive television "iTV" online learning courses broadcasts through main campus.

Distance Education at SCC D2L Los Rios:

scc los rios, los rios d2l

SCC Los Rios offers many distance-based course formats, you can choose that is right for you from online classes, hybrid on-campus/online blended and televised / streaming formats.

Online Learning Los Rios right for you?

If Yes, then you thinking about enrolling in Los Rios Online Campus to taking an online classes through online learning environment Desire2Learn (D2L). Before taking admission try now Los Rios D2L Free Sample Class for returning students and newcomer students, that help you determine and experience Los Rios online environment to decided whether online learning or distance education is a good option for you.

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