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University College London - UCL, UK

University College London
University College London (UCL) is one of the leading colleges, established in London, UK to open up education to all on equivalent conditions, and to bring the benefits of learning to community. Today University College London, UK excellent analysis and impressive educating drive business solutions to the major issues. University College London was also the first university to welcome women learners on equivalent conditions with men. 

University College London Academic quality and performing analysis that details real-world issues notify University College London (UCL) ethos to this day.

Founded: University College London founded in 1826.

Structural features: Founding college of London University. Absorbed a number of other London University institutions over the years (eg Institute of Archaeology, School of Slavonic & East European Studies).

University College London Library

Location: Heart of London University area in Bloomsbury.

Getting there: Train (Euston station); underground (Warren Street, Euston Square, Goodge Street); many bus routes.

Academic features: 3 or 4 year LLB course available. 4-year undergraduate Masters' programmes in many branches of engineering, mathematical and physical sciences. Many degrees include the option of studying abroad for a year.

Special features: School of medicine offers clinical studies to students who have completed pre-clinical studies at Oxbridge.

Awarding body: London University.

Main undergraduate awards: BA. BEng, BSc, BSc(Econ), LLB, MBBS, MEng, MSci.

Length of courses: 3 years; 4 years eg undergraduate Masters', courses with year abroad.

Library & IT facilities: 2 main libraries and 15 specialist libraries - 1.7 million volumes, 9000 periodicals, 2000 study places; special reference facilities for some course books; extensive specialist collections. Annual expenditure on information provision, £208 per (FTE) student. Library and IT services converged. 1300 workstations (ratio 1:13 students), all with internet access; access to library from networked machines and 65 dedicated library machines; wireless network being rolled out throughout college. IT facilities in residences generally open 24 hours/day, otherwise 9-12 hours. Central helpdesk 8 hours/weekdays for personal, telephone and email enquiries plus departmental support; library tours and 30-min IT induction for new students; courses in IT training and use of electronic resources available.

Study abroad: Formal exchange links with numerous European universities or colleges.

Careers & Jobs: Information, advice and placement service. Student advice & services: Doctor, dentist, psychiatrist, solicitor, student counselling service.

Amenities: Own theatre (Bloomsbury) and TV station.

Sporting facilities: Fitness centre; Somers Town sports centre; 90-acre athletic ground at Shenley.

Accommodation: All single first years housed who apply by deadline. 4000 places in University College London (UCL) and London University managed residences. Halls £85-£114 per week; University College London self-catering houses £57-£154. Most students live out for part of their course; local rents approx £100-£110 pw for a room, £175 pw studio/flat, hotel £30 per night.

Living expenses budget: Minimum £175-£195 pw (excluding tuition fees) recommended by University College London.

Term time work: College allows term-time work for full-time students provided it does not have an adverse effect on academic work. Some work available on campus in library, SU, refectory. SU-run vacancy information service, WorkStation, for student jobs in college; careers service helps with holiday work.

Financial help: Government and other funds available. Scholarships for students prior to enrolling; various loans, bursaries, grants and scholarships for existing students. Apply for help to Entrance Scholarships Office (020 7679 2005 or see

Accommodation: Excellent halls near main campus; flats for couples; 2 bungalows for students with families. Private accommodation found through London University or UCL accommodation services, noticeboards or Loot. Many students live at home.

Eating: 15 Union food outlets dotted around, with plenty of variety, hot meals from £2.20. UCL refectory a bit more expensive. Loads of restaurants in walking distance, many with student offers eg Ravi Shankar, McDonald's.

Drinking: 10 UCL Union bars on 3 sites - pints start at £1.50. Pubs and bars locally quite expensive, especially in the West End.

Nightlife: Ents on every night at Union: comedy, house nights, sports night, live bands, jazz - some free, some eg £2. Freshers' week events include Back2Skool, Three Wise Monkeys, Mission Improbable, Krisis, TGV. The 2 StepXpress, The Freshers' Ball @ Turnmills, Doctors & Nurses Freshers' Fortnight Finale. Usual London ents.

Locals: Pick and choose. Fairly safe area with common sense, eg don't travel alone late at night.

Sports: Fitness centre on campus (membership £51 a year for students); Somers Town community sports centre; 2 sports grounds.

Travel: Some departmental travel scholarships (always ask; they are kept very quiet). Most students travel on foot or by public transport (student discounts).

Financial help: Access funds (mostly allocated in first term but some in second). Union loans in extreme cases. Union produces money management guide.

Jobs: WorkStation helps find temporary and part time jobs (min £3.70/hour).

Best features: Location; quality of institution.

Worst features: Lack of Union space.

More info: University College London Union Media & Communications Officer, on Tel 020 7679 7985, Fax 020 7916 8533, email: mc.officer(at)

Past students: David Lodge, Jonathan Miller, Jonathan Dimbleby, David Gower, Margaret Hodge, Fiona Armstrong, Dr Hilary Jones (TV-am), Coldplay, Derek Jarman, Christopher Nolan (film director), Marie Stopes (birth control pioneer).

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