Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Indiana Online Academy Personalizes Student Education with D2L learning platform

Online Education
An Edtech company Desire2Learn (D2L) the world's first integrated learning platform and studying system declared that Indiana Online Academy (IOA) has chosen Desire2Learn Learning Package/suit to support the impressive distribution of online education and make customized studying routes for their students depending on pre-assessments.

As part of the Central Indiana Educational Service Center (CIESC), IOA provides an alternative option for all student to achieve academic success and getting high school Diploma. The company chosen Desire2Learn to make customized studying routes for all students depending on pre-assessments that can better interact with students, help teachers guide studying results, and enhance overall accomplishment.

Indiana Online Academy is thrilled about the extended possibilities. IOA Principle Ronda Eshleman, said: "Through our collaboration with Desire2Learn, we will be able to offer our students an Online Education and Integrated Learning Platform. Desire2Learn Learning Package allows us the versatility to develop personalized studying routes to meet the needs of all students."

Integrated Learning Platform

Indiana Online Academy will be offer 72 courses through D2L Learning Package for its learners, which range from arithmetic and technology to online motorist's education and learning. With Desire2Learn Learning Package, IOA teachers will be able to gain useful understanding into each scholar's personal improvement and provide customized material designed for their studying style. Additionally, Desire2Learn's Integrated Learning Platform will assist IOA in centrally handling course materials and aiming with State and Common Primary Requirements for easy discoverability.

Desire2Learn Learning Package is the first integrated studying system, offering an interesting, user-friendly, and customized chance to learn for students around the world. By offering a smooth encounter for the development, distribution, and management of programs, users are permitted to work together and link around material and activities. Desire2Learn facilitates a variety of studying surroundings restricted only by the perspective of the tutorial company.

IOA is a great example of how technology is breaking down limitations to education and learning. Online studying tools are a remarkable assistive resource for helping learners to reach their full potential, David Chef, CEO of Desire2Learn said: "We are thrilled to work with Indiana Online Academy to help customize program towards personal learners to enhance accomplishment and help them generate attributes towards their High School Education."

Take a look on Indiana Online Academy - providing academic challenges for each student


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