Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Indiana Online Academy - providing academic challenges for each student

Indiana online academy
The Indiana Online Academy accredited by North Central Association (NCS) of colleges and schools and a part of Central Indiana Educational Service Center, located in Indianapolis, IN. The Objective of the Indiana Online Academy is to provide students with the means to earn secondary school certificate, through the delivery of dynamic, engaging, standards-based curriculum.

Indiana Online Academy now offers over 70 high-school Primary 40 and AP programs. IOA is constantly on the meet up with the objective of public knowledge by offering an alternative option for all learners to achieve educational success.

Indiana Online Academy does not have physical classes and depend on a product designed for the show objective of online studying known as Angel. Angel was designed by IUPUI teachers and works as a structure for distributing category lessons and information, handling category management such as qualities, and enabling learners to submit preparation in a protected way.

21st Century Skills

Now infusing 21st Century Skills for each student Indiana Online Academy Personalizes Student Education With "Desire2Learn" and believe in assisting each student to assume responsibility for customized learning and providing a high-tech environment with the means for frequent, customized contact between the teacher and each student.

IOA providing academic challenges for each student, if you are looking to take extra sessions, attempting to get back to normal, or seeking versatility in your routine, IOA is the greatest in online learning! If the virtual learning environment is right for you, checkout the Technology Requirements i.e computer, High speed internet and enroll now with a unique email address to begin your education pathway.

Indiana Online Academy located at the Central Indiana Educational Service Center (CIESC) building, 6036 Lakeside Boulevard, Building A, Indianapolis, IN, 46278


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