Saturday, November 2, 2013

MOOCs - could be a double-edged sword of China

Millions of students in Chinese suppliers and worldwide can now access programs offered by China’s leading colleges. The nation's top organizations released their first massive start web based programs, or MOOCs, on the US-based edX and Coursera systems recently.

But as the MOOCs overflow gateways start, school management in Chinese suppliers are calling for better guidelines from the govt on MOOCs. On the internet is seen as a double-edged blade, with both benefits and drawbacks for college, a recent meeting in China observed.

In Oct China’s Peking and Tsinghua colleges revealed their first MOOCs on the Coursera system, which is available in Chinese suppliers through the new Coursera Area, in collaboration with regional internet provider NetEase.

And in the latest move Tsinghua University released its own system called, to host regional MOOCs as well as programs on the edX system of Stanford and the Massachusetts Institution of Technological innovation.

Nine is already on the XuetangX site from Tsinghua, Peking and MIT – including MIT’s Release to Tour and Electronic devices, led by edX chief executive Anant Agarwal.

Speaking on 19 Oct at a meeting organised at the Nationwide Academia of Knowledge Management in China, organized with Li Fei, vice chairman of Wuhan University, said guidelines were now required to develop the MOOC industry in Chinese suppliers. He was discussing on 19 Oct at a meeting on the “Impact of Electronic Technological innovation on Greater Knowledge Institutions” organised at China’s Nationwide Academia of Knowledge Management and organized with the English Authorities.

“If colleges cannot accept fraxel treatments, they will lose students” Li said.

Government policy should enable completed programs to count towards a certification. “Strategic planning is also required to ensure effective discussing and synchronisation of resources,” Li added, observing that there had been too much repeating and overlap in the growth of web based programs.

Institutions should also do more to meet the interests of the broader public. And professional growth was required to improve digital knowledge of both staff and students in Chinese suppliers, the meeting observed.

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