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Caltech Technology Online Education Resource Of Scientists And Engineers

online education resource caltech technology
Caltech (California Institute of Technology) is a private research university located in United States. The Caltech Established in 1981 as preparatory and vocational school. Caltech the first online education resource of higher education universities in California. It is home to approximately 2,300 students and 300 faculty, and boasts 31 Nobel laureates among its past and current faculty and alumni. Caltech controls Space Lab Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for NASA, and owns and operates a global network of astronomical observatories and research facilities.

The Caltech Institute is organized into six primary academic divisions with strong emphases on science and engineering:
  • Biology and Biological Engineering,
  • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,
  • Engineering and Applied Science,
  • Geological and Planetary Sciences,
  • Humanities and Social Sciences,
  • Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy
Caltech is ranked 1st internationally in top 100 colleges since 2011 in Engineering & Technology and Physical Sciences higher education. Since 2012 Caltech began to offer higher online education classes through MOOCs under Coursera, and now in 2013 Caltech's Online Education programs available through edX.

online education caltech technology
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Caltech Online Technology Education Resources

As we know the objective of the Caltech is to flourish human knowledge and benefit community through research integrated with education. Caltech's Online Education programs aim to improve knowledge in new generations of scientists and engineers and to show how extreme approach to online education and studying in technology and engineering can matter beyond student body.

In a wide range of disciplines online learning opportunities are available through Coursera and edX educational technology platforms to a worldwide audience at no charge.
YouTube Channel, iTunes U audio and video applications and Center for Teaching are best online education resource of scientists and engineers for learning and partnerships with K-12 teachers and students.

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