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Haiku Learning - Elegant Education Resources for Unified School District

haiku learning

What is haiku learning?

Haiku Learning is a full learning suite of cloud-based tools designed to integrate Unified School District online and running with virtual learning sites in minutes. Acknowledged for unimaginable usability and speedy adoption rates, haiku learning’s sturdy digital learning platform supports K-12 intermingled and online learning. Lecturers use haiku learning’s advanced content-centered approach to expertise effective learning environment that most accurately fits their educational vogue. As Unified School District grow their toolsets, haiku Learning becomes an invaluable knowledge hub for communication, students’ activity and engagement, traditional education and standard based grading and collaboration.

Haiku learning system spin around Cloud-based content creation and sharing with student provide an easy-to-use online learning platform is the most elegant means that enhances teaching and learning. Mostly Unified School District has adopted haiku cloud learning management system Haiku LMS to provide a variety of blended learning options. Haiku LMS, K12 teachers and Unified School District in all United states love the minimalism of Haiku learning system in the cloud.

Haiku's Content Management Systems (CMS) that manage learning web address and haiku learning login page with unique Unified School District Identity. Haiku Learning provides unlimited reach for deep learning applications of blended and virtual learning in districts and schools.

Haiku learning systems offers plug-and-play integration with Google Apps and provide unspoiled single-sign-on to haiku learning app using your Google Apps for Education login email to bringing Haiku Learning to your district. Teachers do not need separate accounts and be able to access haiku learning Google sign-in directly signing on with their Google accounts.

Haiku LMS also introduced plug-and-play integration with popular Student Information Systems. SIS Haiku Learning integrates helps you show up automatically Users, classes and rosters. 

Haiku learning app( iOS and Windows 8) provide a unique online experience in a beautiful iPad interface. Students get access my haiku learning class curriculum by putting haiku learning login username and Password provided by your Unified School District. Below is the same School District using Haiku Learning platform as e-learning tools for education.

Haiku learning tusd:

Tustin Unified School District (TUSD) includes all of Tustin and part of Irvine, and unincorporated North Tustin that serve 24,000 students in grades kindergarten through K12. Haiku learning tusd has 18 elementary schools, 1 continuation high school, 6 middle schools, and 3 comprehensive high schools with Haiku learning web. In 2013-14, haiku learning tusd deployed over 10,600 iPads to kindergarten to K8 students. While in 2014-15, Tustin Unified School District will deploy iPads and laptops to grades K8 to K 12 with haiku learning app integration.

Haiku learning cusd:

Coronado Unified School District (CUSD) covers the city of Coronado in San Diego County, California including 5 schools Coronado High & Middle School, Palm Academy, Strand Elementary, and Village Elementary. Haiku learning cusd virtual access to education serve 3176 students, where parents and students can view information on a daily basis.

Haiku learning mvusd:

Murrieta Valley School District (MVUSD) is a school system in the city of Murrieta, California serving with 22 schools. Haiku learning mvusd offer outstanding online learning experiences for students in 21st century. High quality online learning courses are designed with mvusd haiku learning system.

Haiku learning pusd:

Pomona Unified School District (PUSD) is a public school system has 43 schools network through elementary to K 12. Haiku pusd provide blended and virtual education with Haiku integration approx 26,217 students.

Haiku Learning utilized as an elegant education resources by many school district in 50 states. These fact makes digital learning platform One of the 2014 Indiana Companies.


  1. Good site found fruitful for education.

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    Recognized for unbelievable ease of use and quick appropriation rates, haiku learning's solid advanced learning stage backings intermixed and web learning. Teachers use haiku learning's propelled substance focused way to deal with skill powerful learning environment that most precisely fits their instructive vogue.

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