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Online Education Learning Platform Universities and E learning resources

learning platform
Today, online education and courses still vary a good deal, in quality, price and qualifications. online degree courses offers similar experiences to standard universities but Moocs can help you take your career to the next level, on your terms. If anybody of any age wants to learn something, online education or courses such an easy way of doing it.

For students, the secrets to read the small print and perceive what the course is giving you, what type of distance learning course you're taking and what type of learning platforms you're using. Here I am listed some online education platform, online courses and virtual programs and universities resources.

It is commonly thought that E-learning make a big difference in education. Online education, virtual learning platforms, Virtual education, m-learning, and digital educational collaboration are alternative names of E-Learning which are also called virtual learning environments (VLE).

Virtual learning environments are the basic components of contemporary e-learning. Distance or online learning education system based on the web called learning platforms. That models conventional in-person education by providing equivalent virtual access to classes, assessments, and other external resources such as academic website or universities. It is also a social environments where students and teacher can interact through software i.e. discussions or chat. Several open-source, public and commercial platforms can help you in your project like VLE, CMS, LMS or LCMS. Choose what system is right for you.

e learning resources

E Learning Platform:

Various technologies are used to facilitate e-learning. Most e-learning uses combinations of Audio, Video, Computers, tablets and mobile devices, Blogging, Webcams, Whiteboards, Screencasting and Virtual classroom.

Online courses and virtual programs:

E-learning is utilized by public K–12 schools and Higher education colleges and universities now been adopted and used by various companies to educate their staff also an important need for high-quality health information. so if your are a student or a professional these online resources are helpful to you.
E-learning as an educational approach way to pursue a degree in higher education. A lot of students and professional getting admission and fulfil their dreams.

Reading and writing resource

Virtual Universities and other online resources:

What did we miss? What would you add?

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