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Georgia Virtual School - Making Education Work for all Georgians

Georgia Virtual School
Georgia Virtual School (GAVS) is a system of the Georgia Division of Education's Office of Technological innovation Services. The system is SACS CASI approved and functions in collaboration with educational institutions and mother and father to offer junior secondary university and secondary university level programs across the state. Georgia Virtual School provides a instructor led, virtual classroom atmosphere. Georgia Virtual School also provides learners with an on the internet press center and assistance center to support learners throughout their on the internet course experience.

Georgia Virtual School has over 100 course promotions in the primary content areas, world languages, CTAE, electives, and a wide AP course selection. Student’s options and possibilities are not restricted by the university region in which you live or the university they are present at.

Georgia Virtual School realizes that learners look to web based programs for a wide range of reasons. One of these is flexibility. For this reason, the begin schedules for each term are flexible and learners are given a range of your energy and effort during which they can begin their course.

Georgia Virtual School Computer Education

Once a student is registered and enrolled for a course, he or she will be put into a student alignment course. At the successful completing the student alignment course, learners will be placed into class. This may take up to 24 hours after completing orientation.

The student will choose the duration which they would like their course to last based upon the available begin schedules. He or she will indicate this to the course instructor by taking a survey at the beginning of the course.

For drop and springtime, Innovative Positioning learners can choose to have their course be 14, 16, or 18 several weeks lengthy. For summer time, learners can choose to have their course be 5 or 6 several weeks lengthy.

Students who need a longer period or are taking a heavier course load are certainly encouraged to choose the longer course measures. The shorter course measures do not have condensed material. All of the same material is covered but more quickly. Students in AP programs should choose the longest course duration possible for their schedules. All programs end on one time period each term regardless of begin time period.


Georgia Virtual School programs can be scheduled as a part of the frequent school day or outside of the school day. Some schools may choose to routine a course on the scholar's frequent school routine but then allow that course to be taken on the scholar's own time outside of the school building.

There are many options for course arranging. In addition, there are many options in terms of arranging and course begins schedules.

Georgia Virtual School offers a wide range of options when it comes to participating in GAVS programs. Please see the information on period options below to help you choose the option that is best for you. Please note that period options are only available in Fall and Spring.

Georgia Virtual School Sessions

Main Session

The main session/period (session 1) is a term lengthy period during which learners can take up to 6 half models or 3 full models with FTE funding. Students will have between 12-18 several weeks to finish their course perform based on their begin time period. Innovative Positioning learners will have between 14-18 several weeks to finish their course perform based on their begin time period.

Summer Session

During summer time term, there is only one period to choose from during which learners can take programs. Students will have between 5 and 6 several weeks to finish their course perform based on their begin time period.

Course Catalog

Click This page shows the courses available in each term, session, and subject area.

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