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LSE - London School of Economics | Betterment of Society

London School of Economics
The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is one of the major public science college in the world.

LSE is a professional university with an worldwide consumption and a international reach. Its research and educating period the full depth of the public sciences, from economics, state policies and law to sociology, anthropology, bookkeeping and finance. Established in 1895 by Beatrice and Crosby Webb, the School has an excellent popularity for educational quality. 16 Nobel award champions have been LSE staff or graduates.

Founded: 1895.

Structural features: Part of London University since 1900.

London School of Economics

Location: Central London (just off Aldwych).

Getting there: Holborn and Temple underground stations; numerous buses.

Academic features: Unique concentration on economic and social sciences, taught in 18 departments.

Special features: Number of public lectures from leading figures from business, politics, academia. One-year courses for visiting international students. Unique international student body.

Awarding body: London University.

Main undergraduate awards: BA, BSc, LLB.

Length of courses: 3 years (LLB with french law 4 years).

Library & IT facilities: The library (also known as the British Library of Political & Economic Science) is a national social science research collection as well as the School's working library; over 1 million books, 10,000 current periodicals. Course collection: 92,000 volumes, with additional copies of more important course books. Shaw Library, collection of general literature. Growing electronic library. Annual expenditure on information provision, £205 per (FTE) student. Separate IT service, 1000 points with access to internet (ratio workstations to students 1:6), 24 hour facility available. IT support from help desk, free tuition and help sheets; all major software packages supported. Introductory tours and courses on library and information services.

Study abroad: Under 1% spend a period abroad. Limited range of Erasmus exchange links. Careers: Information and advice service.

Student advice & services: Doctor, dentist, FPA, psychiatrist, nursing sister, chaplains, women's adviser, disabled students' adviser. Nursery with 24 places.

Amenities: SU with cafe, bar, shop, legal advice centre, newspaper and magazine; also ULU facilities in Malet Street. Sporting facilities: Sports grounds at New Malden; circuit-room, squash court and gymnasium on site.

Accommodation: Guaranteed for all first year undergraduates (including London-based), in LSE or London University residences. 2460 LSE places available, £54-£122 depending on facilities. Privately owned accommodation: rents £75-£140 per week.

Living expenses budget: £9000 for 9-month academic year (excluding tuition fees) recommended by School.

Term-time work: Part-time work accepted as financial necessity for some students. Work available in School library and environmental improvements.

Financial help: Total available £3.4 million for new graduate & undergraduate entrance awards, based on financial need and/or academic merit (dependent on scheme in place), assigned to self-financing students prior to course. £140,000 government funds, £405,000 own hardship funds for students facing unanticipated financial difficulties (following registration).

Special help: students with health problems, disabilities, childcare problems. Apply for help to Financial Support Office.

Accommodation: 8 hallways of property, self-catering flats, homes and intercollegiate hallways. Personal housing is costly (always 12-month contracts), and so is the journey engaged.

Eating: Quad Restaurant (range of price range consumes, such as delicious paninis), Situation Dish (cheap hot meals and other foods).

Drinking: Affordable SU cafes, the Tuns, the Quad and the Subterranean. Also hallways cafes.

Nightlife: LSESU's notorious Grind every Weekend. Have a good laugh Team for great comic strips every Weekend.

Sports: Completely prepared gym, loads, crush and tennis legal courts on site. Activities reasons in Surrey. ULU's share and features near by.

Travel: STA division on university. Safe transportation to all hallways on Weekend evenings.

Student support: SU guidance and guidance center.

Financial help: Where something surprising comes up, LSE good at offering resources. Comprehensive grants, accessibility resources etc; SU applied professional resources.

Jobs: Some informal work in university and SU; whole of London, uk informal market is in easy achieve.

Annual residing costs: The lowest amount learners say you need to live on each year (covering all cost of residing but not such as educational expenses fees) is £8500 (in university accommodation), £10,000 (in private accommodation).

More info: Get SU guide and substitute prospectus from the SU. Tel 020 7955 7158, Fax 020 7955 6789, e-mail su.gensec(at), or check website at

Past students: LSE graduates and former team consist of 13 Nobel Award champions, around 28 previous or existing leads of state, 30 existing UK MPs and 34 existing colleagues of the House of Lords. David F. Kennedy, Henry Soros, Mick Jagger, Master Young, David Moore, Maurice Saatchi, Lloyd Grossman. Roland Dumas, Carlos (the Jackal), Va Bottomley, F Hayek, Cherie Unit, Romano Prodi etc.

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