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Oxford is a contemporary research driven university

Oxford University
Oxford was the first University in the British discussing globe having aim to stay at the leading edge of facilities of studying, educating and analysis. Oxford is a separate and self-governing organization, made up of the main colleges and the Universities. Oxford has been generating management for 800 years, through a unique and individual technique of educating. These days, in the twenty-first millennium Oxford is a contemporary, research-driven university.

Oxford’s amazing international attraction is growing. Learners from more than a hundred and 40 nations and areas make up a college student inhabitants of over 20,000. Over a third comes from outside the United Kingdom.

But it is not just durability and international achieve that indicate Oxford out and give the college its unique personality. There is also other unique higher education and guide program which supports a lifestyle of near educational guidance and cautious individual assistance for Oxford excellent learners. Oxford colleges, universities and hallways of which there are more than 40 also help to promote the extreme interdisciplinary strategy that motivates much of the excellent analysis accomplishment of the college and creates Oxford a innovator in so many areas.  That is why Oxford Management considers that the higher we can make Oxford, the higher its participation to the well-being around the globe you and I discuss.

Oxford University Main Building

Oxford University Chancellor

The Rt Hon Lord Patten of Barnes, CH

Oxford University Vice-Chancellor's

Professor Andrew Hamilton

Oxford University Colleges

Thirty-eight Universities, though separate and self-governing, form a primary factor of the School, to which they are relevant in a government system, not compared with the U.S. Declares.

Each higher education is provided a rental accepted by the Happy Authorities, under which it is controlled by a Head of House and a Regulating Body including of a number of Guys, most of whom also hold School content.

There are also six Durable Private Hallways, which were recognized by different Religious modifications, and still sustain their spiritual character these days. Thirty colleges and all six halls confess learners for both undergrad and graduate student levels.

Six other colleges are for graduate student students only. In addition, All Spirits College has Guys only and Kellogg College facilitates the long term learning work of the School for mature, part-time, and professional growth learners.

Students come to Oxford from over 140 nations and areas. The biggest categories of worldwide learners come from the USA (1,516), Chinese suppliers (865), Malaysia (806), North america (401), Indian (336), Sydney (312), Italy (264), Ireland in europe (232), Singapore (229) and Italy (219)

Oxford School Media, founder of the popular Oxford dictionaries and a division of the School, is the globe's biggest university press. It has workplaces in 50 nations and almost 6,000 workers globally.

In Chinese suppliers alone, 14 thousand youngsters use Oxford guides every year, and globally around 16 thousand kids use Oxford ELT components to learn British.

Oxford Bodleian Library

The Bodleian Library is the primary analysis library of Oxford University. schedules from 1602 and is worldwide recognized to be one of the biggest selections on the globe. Its precious selections consist of the documents of seven English Primary Ministers; a Gutenberg Bible; the first enduring guide published completely in English; a one fourth of the globe's genuine ones of the Magna Carta; and almost 10,000 european ancient and rebirth manuscripts. Over 40% of customers of the Bodleian Libraries are people from outside the School.

Address: University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1865 270000

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